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About Us

Sibize Group Of Companies (Pty)Ltd is a Timber Manufacturing Company. One Hundred Percent (100%) Black Owned and Managed. The company specializes on manufacturing wood products: Pallets, Office Furniture, Schools Furniture, Mining & Smelter Safety products: chock blocks, chock rails, sleeves, etc.

Up to this far the company has stuck to its vision by providing a number of customers with quality furniture, chairs, computer desk tops and more. Sibize Group Of Companies (Pty)Ltd has grown tremendously over the years and has identified other timber business opportunities. In 2015 the company introduced a new division which caters for safety related timber products for heavy industry. We understand that safety is a priority to every responsible employer. None of the employers wish to see their employees nor the equipment being damaged or injured. Hence Sibize developed safety products that safeguard both the assets of the company and human resource consequently saving companies billions in law-suits and insurances.

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